Monday, April 14, 2008

It's here. The answers to all mother's shopping needs!

Selecting the Right products for you and your baby! "The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide"

When it comes to shopping for your unborn child, it can be pretty overwhelming. Walking up and down the aisles of the baby stores, excitement overwhelms you, as you see one wonderful gadet after another! Packable cribs, high chairs, swings with music, swings with toys, strollers, bibs, clothes, toys, bath tubs, diaper bags, bottles, breast pumps, and every other baby product you can think of towers over you. I thought when I went to get the items for my first born it was going to be a piece of cake. WRONG! I ended up with a stroller that lost its wheel on a walk around the lake, gadgets that didn't work, and tons of clothes at didn't even fit her when she came out. Now when my second daughter came along almost 6 years later I figured this one would be a breeze. WRONG again! I had a sling that was recalled, a breast pump I didn't need, a stroller that didn't fit in my trunk and nothing for a spit up baby! What do you do at this point????

You open up "The Baby Gizmo buying guide" by Heather Maclean with Hollie Schultz! Ladies this wonderful guide takes you "from pacifiers to potties....why, when, and what to buy for pregnancy through preschool"! Yes finally a guide that mothers put together to save you from falling into the traps of buying what everyone else has, what is "pretty" and get what works!

Every chapter goes over the age range, total usage, recommendation, when to buy as well as the types of the items. For bassinets, it is broken down into bassinets, cradles,moses baskets, carry-cots and why we love them and why we don't. Every detail you need to know to help you in making the right purchase is in each chapter. With nearly 30 chapters broken down into categories, you are sure to find any item you will be using for your child described in this book.

One of my favorite sections is on the activity centers. The book goes into detail about the seat, convertibility, height and reach, the toys, chew friendliness(I loved that!), music and lights, unnecessary extras, price, activity jumper and features to consider! With all that info this makes it so much easier to decide on the right make and model for your child. Now onto slings. Like I said before I got a sling that ended up being recalled. But I really didn't know which one to get to begin with. Which one would be the most comfortable? Which is the easiest to put on? What grows the best with baby? I don't want to get one that lasts for the first 3 months! Well "The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide" has the answers!

And now you get the chance to have the answers too! The Baby Gizmo has graciously given me 9 books to give out for this awesome giveaway! Yes thats right NINE BOOKS FOR NINE WINNERS! So to win this awesome book there are a few things to do:

1.) Check out The Baby Gizmo and take a look at their awesome website, their blogs and everything they have to offer! Then click here to check out the book!

2.) Leave a comment here by clicking the link that says comments in pink. Tell us what you liked best about their site, and why you need to win this book!

3.) Leave a valid email address so we can contact you when you win! Also add sweetpeacakes (at) yahoo (dot) com so our email doesn't go to spam!

4.) If you are a blogger, take some time to link up with this post and mention this contest. Let everyone know we have NINE books to give away. "The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide" is huge! Everyone needs a copy! So if you can't wait to win, just click here to go and buy a copy!

Here's to making shopping for baby a breeze!! Contest runs til Wednesday April 23rd! Winner will be announced and emailed on Thursday the 24th!
Have a great day!

7 comments: said...

Wow!! What a great site! I love that they have much different items from around where I'm from. The book would be a wonderful guide for my SIL who is due in Oct.

Connie Cotton said...

The site is amazing, there is so much information and I've already told three friends about it. If I got the free book, I would give it to my sister who is having her first child. Please contact me at if I win.

laura said...

I really like their website's organization. Everything is categorized well, and it's easy to click through. With SO much information, that must be critical for their readers. As to why I need this book- um, their categories have SUB-categories!! Clicking through all their products creates panic... There is so much stuff for moms to consider and think about. I think everyone needs this book!
laurachilton {at} hotmail {dot} com

corrie71 said...

Great info on the site! I'd use the book myself since I'm due in August.

peekab00 said...

This is a GREAT book... i would love to win this for my Best friend due in nov.


Karin said...

Nice diaper bags at the web site...I would probably give this to my niece who is expecting if I won.

nihly said...

I love it!! We are parents that love new and exciting gizmos, so this book speaks right to the Mama in me!!! I need this book seeing that I am a first time Mom and I can sure use all the help I can get!!!