Sunday, April 27, 2008

All about ME part 1

Ok so after visiting so many blogs over the past several months and completely getting involved in this blog world, I knew I needed to add a personal post to my blog each week or even each day. Somehow the months have passed with just a touch here and there but nothing "Deep". It was always, I will do it later, I don't have time, I have to get this review up first, and every other excuse. Now having asked my question for the Bloggy giveaway, I know it is now time to start telling you all about me. I will offer several posts in a series to get to know the mind behind the blog, the reason for the blog and then move onto my little sweet peas- Monkey and Peanut. Once we have that covered it will be on to funny stories, my life as a single mom, the never ending messes that happen and my hunt to find love. Oh I might throw in some info on my charity events, business, thoughts with God, and so forth. I invite you to grab a cup of coffee ( I already had a few), get a cushion under you since you might be here awhile.

Who am I? I often find myself asking that question. There is the obvious answer of I am a woman, single mother of two, business owner, full time student, daughter, sister, friend, and a blonde! But really that just described all of my jobs and roles in life. All my roles that I take very seriously and have been blessed with. Being a single mother, a young one at that,( I will be 27 on August 18th at 8:18 A.M. if you need my address to send flowers let me know ;) ) I have gotten the "looks", the pity and the strength to keep going and show my daughters how to make wise

choices, believe in themselves, and find a partner that is equal in their strength to walk beside them not in front of them. I have loved being able to see the world again through the unbiased eyes of a child. Visiting the zoo, laughing at ourselves, walking to the park and fully believing in Santa. Isn't it amazing that children never doubt? That is a whole other blog post that I will soon get too.

I come from a Catholic/Christian home and have explored the aspects of church, God and prayer my whole life. I have had many angry moments with God while losing numerous friends, and family over the course of my life. It's been a long journey but with out those trying moments and having faith where would I be now?

My parents are divorced and remarried so I have quite the extended family and you will hear about the nutty stories and things that happen over holidays and our weekly visits at Grandmas. I am blessed to have my mother as my best friend, and silent business partner with Sweet Pea Cakes, etc. My girls love being close to their family and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have two brothers- one older and one much younger. I "mother" them as much as possible and took on that role at age 1. My grandmother said I have an old soul and was really a 35 year old at age 2. I knew what needed to be done and let everyone know it. *sigh* some things never change. I like things done my way, I often feel it won't get done RIGHT unless I do it myself. I am a clean freak, and afraid of germs. I am a night owl and have to have coffee to function in the morning. I spent a lot of time after school as a child for talking too much and as I have gotten older I have just gotten more talkative and some say louder.

I loved college at CU Boulder although I never finished. I am glad I got the break to work and be a mom. I enjoy my online classes far more now then when I was there. I hope to finish sometime soon to show my daughters that you can finish school no matter what and that its important to do so.

I can remember where I was for the OJ Simpson trial, the Oklahoma City bombing, when the news broke that Princess Di was gone, the Columbine shooting ( I was a senior in high school at the neighboring school Chatfield High School- we were down the street when it happened) and of course 9/11. These are images and events that have changed my life, my views and the way our society works and how we should raise our children. I can tell you stories and thoughts and experiences about these. Just ask.

I am a Leo. I have a thought on everything, and am open to everything. I believe everyone has a chance to change and their mistakes never define who they are. We live and we learn and we make mistakes. Learn from it, better yourself and pick someone up and help brush off their knees on the way. Keep yourself positive, smile its good for you and always say thank you.

My children were the best blessings in my life. They keep me going from day to day. They are the reason I do what I do and why I am here today. I hope I can bring to their life the same amount of greatness that they have brought to mine.

So that is an overview of me. I will go into more and tell some stories. I love sarcastic humor and you will find it often. I love to laugh. I like to think that's why I look so young! HA!

I look forward to welcoming you into my world and in return joining you in yours. I hope you leave a comment from time to time to say hello. These personal posts will start popping up like weeds now that I have gotten this first one out. I feel refreshed and excited. New addictions are always so uplifting. ;)

Have a great weekend!


a frog in my soup said...

I'm so excited that you took the leap and decided to "get personal" with us :). I truly enjoyed reading about you and seeing the great photos of you (gorgeous girl) and your little beauties!

I look forward to your next post - definitely keep them coming!!!


sara l. said...

I really enjoyed reading more about you...I found that we, in many ways, are very much alike! I have been told that I was an "old soul" as well! Being a Mommy has definitely been the best thing that has ever happened to me, I am a clean freak, and I LOVE to laugh as well! Maybe it will keep me looking young, too! LOL! Anyways, thanks for the personal peek into your life and I look forward to hearing more! Hope you have a great weekend!