Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I won something!!! WOO HOO

I am so excited to say that I won something!! I won a $15 gift certificate from BePe Baby from the blog A Frog in My Soup!! Here is what it said:

The BePe Baby Contest has ended, but don’t forget to purchase these wonderful slippers for the little ones in your life and save another 20% by using the code: BP20%OFF! My babies adore these slippers!
#18 - Dawn
Congratulations Dawn - Remember everyone, there’s always great contests going on here and at!

I will have you know that 8 is my lucky number and usually 18 is too! it all starts from my birthday being 8-18-81 at 8:18 in the morning! Anyway, today has been the best day ever and it is now even better. I can't wait to get these things from BePe Baby:
#68 BePe Baby Toddler Non-Skid Slipper, Brown with Pink and Brown Square Bubbles Print
and I like
#007 BePe Baby Toddler Non-Skid Slipper, Brown Slipper with White and Bright Colored Flower Print

So you need to head over and check it out. I love these little shoes. And if your little baby loves to take off their shoes or don't like shoes these little slippers will be perfect!

Yippee for being a winner. Happy Days!!