Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cyber Baby Shower

Check out the baby shower fun going on right now for Margie Gunn! I donated a Yellow Nursing Diaper cake for her baby shower! And you can win something too! Head over and start playing the games and check out all the prizes! We are giving away a yellow or pink nursing cover up to 1 lucky winner! Make sure you stop by before Friday May 2nd. Check Happy Panda for the list of prizes! I love so many of the prizes: Happy Pandas $40 giveaway to their site, Polka Dot Bumblebee is giving away custom photo cards, and I love the Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow for Nursing Moms even though it will be awhile til I nurse again( I am still weaning Peanut from night feedings. UGH)

Baby shower's are so much fun!


I almost forgot my answers to the game:

Game #1 my guess is 88 jelly beans!

Game #2 here is a pic of me preggo with Peanut:

Game #3
Well I shouldn't guess how many diapers are used for the Nursing Diaper cake since its from me. :) But its less then 75 and more than 50!

Game #4
Well both of my labors were fast and all natural. With my first I went in to have my water broken since I was nearly 4 1/2 cm dilated and it wasn't breaking on its own. So the doctor broke it said see you in the morning and was off. Well after visiting with friends that came to visit. I soon yelled out I have to push. The nurses ran over panicked and one left to find the doctor. THey told me not to push. So I tried to hold her in. It didnt' work. It took less than 15 minutes of pushing, about 4 pushes, and she was out. Nearly 8 lbs too. SO an hour total of labor with pushing. I didn't get Monkey on my belly or anything. I was not breathing right while pushing and I had to be put on oxygen right away. I also tore and got the chills right after having her so I was piled under blankets. But I decided it was a breeze and I was made to have kids. I then planned on having a dozen.
When I went in with Peanut they wanted to make sure I was in the hospital before my water broke since they figured this one would be quick too. For some reason I was not dilating so they gave me some little pills that they insert (yuck) and it softens the cervix. Well the first one did wonders and I had HUGE contractions about a minute about but was still not dilating. SO I took a hot shower in a shower with jets on the wall. It was so fantastic. It was time for the second pill (they came in a series of 4 and if by morning I was not dilating the doctor would be hooking me up to the big meds to get it going) but they wouldn't give it to me since my contractions were to close together. So they said to get some rest. Yeah right. I think I slept for an hour and then it was time for another pill. shortly after this I did not feel well. I had to keep going potty and what have you. Well at one point the contractions got super bad and I could not get off the toilet. I kid you not I was sitting in there with my head against the cool wall, losing feeling in my legs, afraid the baby would fall in the toilet. Finally everyone insisted that I get out of the bathroom right now and lay down that the doctor would be in soon to speed this up. My only thoughts was does he hate me?? why on earth would be want to cause me more pain? At this point I insisted on drugs NOW. (prior to this I told everyone that at no point was I to have any even if I ask) I also asked to go home. I had enough of being there and figured the baby wasn't ready and we shouldn't make her come out so I wanted to go home. The nurse checked and I was finally dilated at 4 cm. in about another 3 minutes I was in horrible pain. I was gripping the railings so hard my knuckles were white. Everyone was trying to set up the room and get ready and call the doctor to come in. Well at this point I have the overwhelming urge to pee. I ask to go to the bathroom and you know what? NO ONE HELPED ME. So my boyfriend grabbed a bedpan to give me but a nurse came in and took that way. All of a sudden water went everywhere- on the floor (which was a horribe sound) and everywhere. I started to cry thinking I just wet the bed and no one wanted to let me go potty. That soon ended as I rolled off my side and screamed I have to push. They grabbed the on call doctor and told me do not push. How do you not push? Well he barely turned around to catch the baby. I pushed once and she shot out. I felt every shoulder, her butt, her legs, all of it. I don't remember feeling all of Monkey when she came out. It was crazy. They popped her on my belly which I didn't get with Monkey since they put me on oxygen right away. I had to remind my boyfriend to cut the cord, grab the camera and call to check on my mom. SO Peanut came out 5 minutes after my water broke. Thank goodness I didn't go home! So the dilating took forever, which it wouldn't have had I been at home and doing it like I did the first. But the actually pushing and all that was quick. It was just soooo intense and fast this time that it hurt. So now I have changed my mind on a dozen and I am now having two. Maybe in 5 years when I forget the pain I will think of having another!


a frog in my soup said...

LOL! Great stories and you have to understand that inductions are absolutely the WORST! It isn't half bad if you aren't induced and when things go as quickly as they did for you maybe you should just plan a home birth :) heehee!

I really enjoyed reading your experiences though!


Happy Panda said...

They wouldn't let you go to the bathroom! That must have felt horrible at the time. You look beautiful in your bump photo! Women would love to look like that. Thanks for playing along.