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Winner of the MJennings Designs is...

The winner of the contest is comment #24 Danielle! The winner has been emailed and has 3 days to respond to win their bracelet!!

Don't forget that all Sweet Pea Readers can head over to MJennings Designs and start shopping with a 15% discount good til May 21st! So get those Mother's day gifts now! Just enter SPC15% at the checkout!

If you would like your product reviewed and host a giveway please email me your name, site name, url, to sweetpeacakesetc (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thanks so much!

I won something!!! WOO HOO

I am so excited to say that I won something!! I won a $15 gift certificate from BePe Baby from the blog A Frog in My Soup!! Here is what it said:

The BePe Baby Contest has ended, but don’t forget to purchase these wonderful slippers for the little ones in your life and save another 20% by using the code: BP20%OFF! My babies adore these slippers!
#18 - Dawn
Congratulations Dawn - Remember everyone, there’s always great contests going on here and at!

I will have you know that 8 is my lucky number and usually 18 is too! it all starts from my birthday being 8-18-81 at 8:18 in the morning! Anyway, today has been the best day ever and it is now even better. I can't wait to get these things from BePe Baby:
#68 BePe Baby Toddler Non-Skid Slipper, Brown with Pink and Brown Square Bubbles Print
and I like
#007 BePe Baby Toddler Non-Skid Slipper, Brown Slipper with White and Bright Colored Flower Print

So you need to head over and check it out. I love these little shoes. And if your little baby loves to take off their shoes or don't like shoes these little slippers will be perfect!

Yippee for being a winner. Happy Days!!


Congrats from Colorado Auction to support Children's Hospital

I just wanted to share with you something that I am a sponsor of. This is an auction being held online to support Children's Hospital, put together by Olivia Omega Logan, owner of Baby Candy. Many of us participate in the Congrats from Colorado gift baskets that go out to different celebrities having babies and one recently went out to Kathy Sabine our local weather lady on 9 News. Now the same gift basket will be auctioned off to support Children's Hospital in Denver, CO. If you get some time check it out during May 7th-12th. There are a lot of awesome things in this giveaway- including Crocs and Bobby- our local companies!! I am so proud to be a part of something so good for the community. It's good to give back.

Just incase you can't see all the participating companies here they are and please feel free to click on the links and check out each of these mommy owned businesses!!

Baby Candy


Bella Mama


Belle Baby Carriers

Pangea Organics



Bruz wear

Sweet Pea Cakes, etc.


Trista Baby

Please stop by the auction starting May 7th!


What Motherhood Means to Me

Over at 5 Minutes for Mom, they have an awesome giveaway for Mother's Day. It is a photo contest showing what motherhood means to you to win a $1000!! I am hoping to win because that would be so nice to go shopping with since I have not gotten myself something nice in a long time. Plus I could take the girls out for some fun and some new summer outfits. So I am trying to decide on some pictures and we are going to start off with a funny one to lead up to the serious one (although my mom thinks humor would get me the win)

Motherhood is not always great and happy all the time. Sometimes you want to pull out your hair. And if it's not me pulling out mine....

then its the kids pulling out theirs!

(NOTE: no children were harmed during the taking of this photo.)

But really motherhood brings you back to seeing the life through the eyes of a child... its believing in everything again. Enjoying the bond between you and your child brings so much love and happiness. Then watching the love blossom between siblings- the very children you brought into this world- is what makes this job so rewarding.

Those are my babies- Monkey and Peanut. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Here are some other fun photos! My mother and I in the same outfits. We did NOT plan this. I happened to show up and we were wearing the same outfits. Its so nice when your best friend and you are wearing matching outfits. I am so blessed to have a great mother who goes the extra mile for all of her children and grandchildren. Since her and I are so close, it allows the girls to be close to Grandma too. They have such a great bond. Happy Mother's Day mom!

Thanks for stopping by to see what motherhood means to me. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what motherhood means to you. Then head over to 5 minutes for mom and enter all their other contests they have going on for two weeks! Just click the banner to head over. I am already entering this one, the contest for a printer and more!

Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway Event

Happy Mother's Day!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday- Puppy Love

This week I took the cutest picture of my little Peanut hugging onto her favorite dog over at Grandma's house. Braedi is her favorite and she must say hi to her and hug her every time we come over. It is so funny that she loves her so much since Monkey loved the other dog, Maddie when she was little. They each have their favorite.

I also have a fun picture of Monkey to throw in here too from her beauty party on Sunday with Girl Scouts. Her hair was really,really cute and I wish they didn't put the blue sparkle spray stuff in there.

Check out all the Wordless Wednesday going on at 5 minutes for mom! Leave a comment and let me know you stopped by and hey here's a question too:

What is your favorite thing to take pictures of? I know must of you will say your kids but is there anything else?

Have a great week! Make sure to check out our contests and come back this week for more exciting stuff going on.

Happy WW!


Cyber Baby Shower

Check out the baby shower fun going on right now for Margie Gunn! I donated a Yellow Nursing Diaper cake for her baby shower! And you can win something too! Head over and start playing the games and check out all the prizes! We are giving away a yellow or pink nursing cover up to 1 lucky winner! Make sure you stop by before Friday May 2nd. Check Happy Panda for the list of prizes! I love so many of the prizes: Happy Pandas $40 giveaway to their site, Polka Dot Bumblebee is giving away custom photo cards, and I love the Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow for Nursing Moms even though it will be awhile til I nurse again( I am still weaning Peanut from night feedings. UGH)

Baby shower's are so much fun!


I almost forgot my answers to the game:

Game #1 my guess is 88 jelly beans!

Game #2 here is a pic of me preggo with Peanut:

Game #3
Well I shouldn't guess how many diapers are used for the Nursing Diaper cake since its from me. :) But its less then 75 and more than 50!

Game #4
Well both of my labors were fast and all natural. With my first I went in to have my water broken since I was nearly 4 1/2 cm dilated and it wasn't breaking on its own. So the doctor broke it said see you in the morning and was off. Well after visiting with friends that came to visit. I soon yelled out I have to push. The nurses ran over panicked and one left to find the doctor. THey told me not to push. So I tried to hold her in. It didnt' work. It took less than 15 minutes of pushing, about 4 pushes, and she was out. Nearly 8 lbs too. SO an hour total of labor with pushing. I didn't get Monkey on my belly or anything. I was not breathing right while pushing and I had to be put on oxygen right away. I also tore and got the chills right after having her so I was piled under blankets. But I decided it was a breeze and I was made to have kids. I then planned on having a dozen.
When I went in with Peanut they wanted to make sure I was in the hospital before my water broke since they figured this one would be quick too. For some reason I was not dilating so they gave me some little pills that they insert (yuck) and it softens the cervix. Well the first one did wonders and I had HUGE contractions about a minute about but was still not dilating. SO I took a hot shower in a shower with jets on the wall. It was so fantastic. It was time for the second pill (they came in a series of 4 and if by morning I was not dilating the doctor would be hooking me up to the big meds to get it going) but they wouldn't give it to me since my contractions were to close together. So they said to get some rest. Yeah right. I think I slept for an hour and then it was time for another pill. shortly after this I did not feel well. I had to keep going potty and what have you. Well at one point the contractions got super bad and I could not get off the toilet. I kid you not I was sitting in there with my head against the cool wall, losing feeling in my legs, afraid the baby would fall in the toilet. Finally everyone insisted that I get out of the bathroom right now and lay down that the doctor would be in soon to speed this up. My only thoughts was does he hate me?? why on earth would be want to cause me more pain? At this point I insisted on drugs NOW. (prior to this I told everyone that at no point was I to have any even if I ask) I also asked to go home. I had enough of being there and figured the baby wasn't ready and we shouldn't make her come out so I wanted to go home. The nurse checked and I was finally dilated at 4 cm. in about another 3 minutes I was in horrible pain. I was gripping the railings so hard my knuckles were white. Everyone was trying to set up the room and get ready and call the doctor to come in. Well at this point I have the overwhelming urge to pee. I ask to go to the bathroom and you know what? NO ONE HELPED ME. So my boyfriend grabbed a bedpan to give me but a nurse came in and took that way. All of a sudden water went everywhere- on the floor (which was a horribe sound) and everywhere. I started to cry thinking I just wet the bed and no one wanted to let me go potty. That soon ended as I rolled off my side and screamed I have to push. They grabbed the on call doctor and told me do not push. How do you not push? Well he barely turned around to catch the baby. I pushed once and she shot out. I felt every shoulder, her butt, her legs, all of it. I don't remember feeling all of Monkey when she came out. It was crazy. They popped her on my belly which I didn't get with Monkey since they put me on oxygen right away. I had to remind my boyfriend to cut the cord, grab the camera and call to check on my mom. SO Peanut came out 5 minutes after my water broke. Thank goodness I didn't go home! So the dilating took forever, which it wouldn't have had I been at home and doing it like I did the first. But the actually pushing and all that was quick. It was just soooo intense and fast this time that it hurt. So now I have changed my mind on a dozen and I am now having two. Maybe in 5 years when I forget the pain I will think of having another!

Tackle it Tuesday- Kitchen!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Well this week for Tackle it Tuesday, I tackled the kitchen! Last week I took on me and let me update you a bit on that. After saying I was going to take time for myself I ended up sick- sick with a fever, running nose, cough, headache, chills, and body aches. It was brutal the first few days. The night before that though I did get some family time and went to a baseball game. So needless to say with a cold I sure did get some rest. It didn't help much with getting my to do list done. But I knocked out a lot the past two days and I am quite happy to say I added the kitchen in and it looks great. Its small but it can get cluttered quick. Here are the before pictures of the stove, the pantry and the tupperware cupboard where my little Peanut insists on playing.

I could really use a shelf in the back of the tupperware cupboard to make it more organized but that will have to wait for another day. I decluttered and disinfected every part of that kitchen, as well as sweep and mop, do all the dishes and finish the laundry that was piled up. Now I am working on my desk and all my work stuff and finding some place for that.

My daughter and I worked on her room on Sunday going through all the clothes and organizing her toys. I didn't get the before pictures so I decided to skip on the after pictures. Things are coming along nicely. And as for my long to do list from last week.... well the stuff I got done is highlighted in pink. The rest is still needing to be done and has joined a new list for this week.

finishing up the laundry

organizing the hall closet

going through the girls' winter clothes, pulling out the summer clothes

finishing the new diaper cakes and posting to site

mailing out wholesale information,

booking appointments with local retailers

updating my blog

uploading all new towel cake line

mailing off cakes

finalizing location for charity silent auction this fall

following up with leads

setting up details for next Girls Night In

preparing house to be on the market

register for summer and fall classes

read a book ( I have a stack to the ceiling of fantastic books that I am just waiting for some time to curl up with and read!)

finding more sites to host product reviews

sell old car

book trip to Disneyland

The work never ends does it?!?!

What are you tackling this week? Leave a comment and let me know you stopped by!

Have you seen the post all about me? More personal posts to come daily!

Did you get time to enter some of our contests we are having? Click here to check them out!

Have a great week. Don't forget to head over and check out the other Tackle it Tuesday posts at 5 minutes for mom. Have you seen their Mother Day giveaways? Just click on the banner to the left and head over to see what its all about! See you tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday!


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Winner of our Bloggy Carnival Giveaway is...

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

I had a giveaway in honor of the Bloggy Carnival! I am giving away a copy of The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide, a monkey diapers cloth bag (perfect for grocery shopping) and a Sweet Pea Cakes, etc. diaper cupcake for a boy or a girl AND a $15 gift certificate to Sweet Pea Cakes, etc. to.......

COMMENT #10! SARAH YOU ARE THE WINNER! I have sent the winner an email. If I don't hear from Sarah in 3 days, a new winner will be drawn and announced on here.

Thank you all for participating and stopping by my blog. I hope to see you again for our contests, product reviews, personal stories and fun!

Have a great week!

Tips for Mothers with children of all ages

I was reading an article titled "Sharing" in Scholostic Parent & Child today and thought I would share some of the tips from the article with you since I enjoyed it so much!! It starts with the infants. Cuddling with your baby lays the fondation for a child who is ready to share. Babies thrive in a climate of acknowledgement and appreciation. As your child gets older, sharing spontaneously is a sign that your child is learning how to cooperate. When your child shows signs she's ready to begin sharing, it's a good idea to encourage her to do so without putting too much pressure on her. Children begin to discover that it feels good to think of others. This is the stage (ages 5 to 6) when your child starts to understand what sharing and cooperation really mean and how these concepts affect her and the people with whom she interacts.. Your child is learning empathy, sharing, and cooperation- three imporant life skills that we fine-tune well into our adult years. As they reach their tween years, girls and boys face heavy pressure from friends and advertisements to look a certain way by wearing particular fashions or owning status accessories like cell phones, or even school bags. How you can help: Always focus on the person inside, avoid the word "pretty" (instead say those clothes look great on you!), stay affectionate and physical, counter negative self-talk, keep personal diet issues clear of the family table, look in a mirror with your tween and ask what she sees, respond to any worrying weight gain wtih new routines for extra exercise, not diets. Check out all the tips below for more info on your children at each of the given stages:

Ages 0-2 years:

  • Hug and kiss your baby often, and tell her how much you love her when you do so. As she gets older, ask her for a hug and watch as she happily opens her arms to you.
  • High-Five your little one and thank him when he does as he's told. The more positive reinforcement you give him, the more likely he'll be to repeat his good behavior.
  • Plan a special treat or outing once in a while, like a favorite dessert or trip to the zoo, to reward and celebrate your child for being so helpful. The whole family will enjoy it!

Ages 3 to 4 years:

  • Be respectful of your child's feelings. He may not be developmentally ready to share. Try not to pressure him.
  • Suggest pair activities. Encourage your child to play turn-taking games with a friend. Board games or video games where kids can alternate use of a game controller are good for this.
  • Be a model. Elaborate on sharing when you do it yourself: "Look, if I give you a spoon, you can stir the pudding, too." Also talk about cooperative actions, "We're moving this table together."

Ages 5 to 6 years:

  • Choose family activities that require cooperation and sharing, such as simple board games or group art collage. The more participants, the merrier.
  • Play family games for at least two people. Games played with a ball, like catch, are good because they need at least one other person to work.
  • Creat a household job chart for the family to follow. It's a wonderful visual reminder of how family members share in taking care of the home by cooperating with each other.

Tween Age:

5 warning signs: These behaviors may indicate that your tween is struggling with body image issues:

  • Reluctant to look at herself in the mirror
  • Spending more time alone in her room
  • Having diordered eating habits: refusing indulgent foods, becoming very picky, or binge or secretive eating
  • Putting herself down in a range of ways, especially about how she looks
  • Preferring to wear loose clothes, to hide either a full or a fragile figure.


15-minute Veggie Mac 'n' Cheese


1/4 pound whole-wheat pasta

2-3 cups fresh or frozen peas, green beans, broccoli, or other favorite vegetables

2 tablespoons butter

1/4 cup flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 pinch of fresh peper

1 1/4 cups 2% milk (or soymilk)

2 cups shredded cheddar cheese


1. Cook pasta according to package directions. Halfway through, add veggies to pasta. Cook until veggies are tender and pasta is al dente.

2. In a medium saucepan, melt butter over medium heat, and stir in flour, salt, and pepper. Slowly add milk.

3. Stir constantly until bubbly. Remove from heat. Stir in cheese.

4. Drain pasta and veggies, add to cheese sauce and stir to coat.

Makes 4 servings.

Did you know? macaroni and cheese is on the Top 10 list of children's all time favorite foods, and parents have been serving it up since the late 1700's. It's also the number one recipe that involves cheese in the United States. (source:

Article Source: Scholastic Parent & Child : The joy of family living and learning TM April 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

All about ME part 1

Ok so after visiting so many blogs over the past several months and completely getting involved in this blog world, I knew I needed to add a personal post to my blog each week or even each day. Somehow the months have passed with just a touch here and there but nothing "Deep". It was always, I will do it later, I don't have time, I have to get this review up first, and every other excuse. Now having asked my question for the Bloggy giveaway, I know it is now time to start telling you all about me. I will offer several posts in a series to get to know the mind behind the blog, the reason for the blog and then move onto my little sweet peas- Monkey and Peanut. Once we have that covered it will be on to funny stories, my life as a single mom, the never ending messes that happen and my hunt to find love. Oh I might throw in some info on my charity events, business, thoughts with God, and so forth. I invite you to grab a cup of coffee ( I already had a few), get a cushion under you since you might be here awhile.

Who am I? I often find myself asking that question. There is the obvious answer of I am a woman, single mother of two, business owner, full time student, daughter, sister, friend, and a blonde! But really that just described all of my jobs and roles in life. All my roles that I take very seriously and have been blessed with. Being a single mother, a young one at that,( I will be 27 on August 18th at 8:18 A.M. if you need my address to send flowers let me know ;) ) I have gotten the "looks", the pity and the strength to keep going and show my daughters how to make wise

choices, believe in themselves, and find a partner that is equal in their strength to walk beside them not in front of them. I have loved being able to see the world again through the unbiased eyes of a child. Visiting the zoo, laughing at ourselves, walking to the park and fully believing in Santa. Isn't it amazing that children never doubt? That is a whole other blog post that I will soon get too.

I come from a Catholic/Christian home and have explored the aspects of church, God and prayer my whole life. I have had many angry moments with God while losing numerous friends, and family over the course of my life. It's been a long journey but with out those trying moments and having faith where would I be now?

My parents are divorced and remarried so I have quite the extended family and you will hear about the nutty stories and things that happen over holidays and our weekly visits at Grandmas. I am blessed to have my mother as my best friend, and silent business partner with Sweet Pea Cakes, etc. My girls love being close to their family and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have two brothers- one older and one much younger. I "mother" them as much as possible and took on that role at age 1. My grandmother said I have an old soul and was really a 35 year old at age 2. I knew what needed to be done and let everyone know it. *sigh* some things never change. I like things done my way, I often feel it won't get done RIGHT unless I do it myself. I am a clean freak, and afraid of germs. I am a night owl and have to have coffee to function in the morning. I spent a lot of time after school as a child for talking too much and as I have gotten older I have just gotten more talkative and some say louder.

I loved college at CU Boulder although I never finished. I am glad I got the break to work and be a mom. I enjoy my online classes far more now then when I was there. I hope to finish sometime soon to show my daughters that you can finish school no matter what and that its important to do so.

I can remember where I was for the OJ Simpson trial, the Oklahoma City bombing, when the news broke that Princess Di was gone, the Columbine shooting ( I was a senior in high school at the neighboring school Chatfield High School- we were down the street when it happened) and of course 9/11. These are images and events that have changed my life, my views and the way our society works and how we should raise our children. I can tell you stories and thoughts and experiences about these. Just ask.

I am a Leo. I have a thought on everything, and am open to everything. I believe everyone has a chance to change and their mistakes never define who they are. We live and we learn and we make mistakes. Learn from it, better yourself and pick someone up and help brush off their knees on the way. Keep yourself positive, smile its good for you and always say thank you.

My children were the best blessings in my life. They keep me going from day to day. They are the reason I do what I do and why I am here today. I hope I can bring to their life the same amount of greatness that they have brought to mine.

So that is an overview of me. I will go into more and tell some stories. I love sarcastic humor and you will find it often. I love to laugh. I like to think that's why I look so young! HA!

I look forward to welcoming you into my world and in return joining you in yours. I hope you leave a comment from time to time to say hello. These personal posts will start popping up like weeds now that I have gotten this first one out. I feel refreshed and excited. New addictions are always so uplifting. ;)

Have a great weekend!

New Products at Sweet Pea Cakes, Etc.

I am so excited to share some new products that I finally got up on the website! New diaper cakes, new towel cakes for tweens and teens, as well as all new diaper cupcakes. They look so yummy. So check out the slide show and then head over to Sweet Pea Cakes, etc. to see them up close and personal and everything that is hidden inside these cakes!! Also help yourself to 10% off with the code SPECIAL at the checkout! Have a great week! Oh and good news I start adding my personal posts to this blog tomorrow! So watch out there will be lots to read in between all the contests, photos, and memes!


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Site of the Week- Oh My Baby

Hi everyone. This is a new feature I am adding on Fridays. On top of reviews, contests and giveaways, I am going to feature a new site each Friday that I think deserves your attention. I will tell you why I like it, what they have to offer, how to get their stuff, any specials they are having and so forth. If you would like to be featured for this please email me at sweetpeacakesetc (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks!

Today's Site of the Week is Oh My Baby! Oh My Baby specializes in beautiful personalized baby items that make special gifts for baby showers, Christenings, Birthdays or any occasion. Choose a distinctive gift for your special boy or girl. Embroidered personalization is included in the price of every item.

One of the first stops you have to make when you visit Oh My Baby is to check out their gift baskets. These baskets are adorable and filled with wonderful things for baby. Here is one of my favorite gift baskets available:

If you are looking for personalized gifts check out all these items: personalized hooded towels, towel and onesie matching set, hand towels, baby blankets and lovies, baby bibs and burp cloths, picture frames and wall art. This is why I love this site so much. PERSONALIZATION. Add that extra special touch to the gift you are giving.

Head over to Oh My Baby and spend $40 or more and get free ground shipping. Use coupon code "freeship40" at checkout.

Here is another favorite of mine that I love! Next baby that I have (should I dare have any more!) will need one of these personalized lovie blue elephant blanket! Isn't it cute??!?!?

Thank you for taking time to visit our site of the week. I hope you enjoyed seeing all that Oh My Baby has to offer and their many, many products you can personalize. Join us next Friday for another favorite! Feel free to share with me what you enjoyed at Oh My Baby by leaving a comment below. Just click the pink comments link.

Have a great weekend!


Another Quick Giveaway for the Carnival!

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

Ok we are going to host another quick giveaway for the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival for Noah's Ark Workshop run by Connie Cotton. To get all the details on what is going on just click here and head over. Make sure after entering all the contests here that you head over and get in your last minute entries at Bloggy Giveaways.

So here is what we are giving away:

A Noah's Ark Ready to Stuff Animal Party Package (Value is $ 168).

This is the ~*~PLATINUM PARTY~*~

Your choice of 20-25 different animals (approx. 15-19 inches)

Animal T-Shirt (decorated at party)

$21 per participant for 8 participants

*****To win head over to Noah's Ark workshop and join Mojo's Birthday Club or Mailing List! *****Then come back here and leave a message about your favorite stuffed animal and outfit! Make sure to leave a valid email address (prefer the one you used to sign up for the Club or mailing list)

Contest is open til Friday May 9th til midnight. Winner will be announced Saturday May 10th! we will pick a winner by and email you.

There is also a Spring Promotion for those who are looking to work from home. Join in April for only $29! You can contact Connie Cotton at for more information on job opportunities and so forth.

Noah's Ark workshops are great for:
- Birthday Parties - Schools - Day Care Centers- Summer Camps - Library Story Hours - Scouts- Corporate Events - Communions - Christenings- Baby Showers - Fundraisers and More!

Don't forget to sign up for our other contest for the Bloggy Giveaway over here!

You can also win a mommy bracelet from MJennings Designs by clicking here!

Would you like to win a swaddler blanket from Stowers Swaddlers & Stationary? Click Here!

Thanks for stopping by! Good Luck!


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Bloggy Carnival is almost over! Hurry and enter and go visit others!

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

Of course I am always late to everything! So it's getting to be the end of the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival but I had to come up with something for a giveaway and join in the fun. Click here to go and visit Bloggy Giveaways to see what all the fuss is about. Make sure to read the guidelines and know how to participate! Then visit the hundreds and hundreds of giveaways going on across the blogsphere. All you have to do is click on each link that takes to the blog. Read their directions on how to enter and leave a comment. Make sure to include a valid email address so they can let you know you won!

SO now that you are here.... what is it that I am giving away for this carnival??? Well its a packaged deal. You will receive a reuseable cloth bag from Monkey Toe Diapers for all your shopping needs (its's great joing the "Green" band wagon!), the book "The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide"- this is the ultimate guide for all the why, when and what to buy for pregnancy through preschool!, a diaper cupcake (its a small cupcake made out of diapers decorated with ribbon and a plush topper) from Sweet Pea Cakes, Etc. as well as a $15 gift certificate to Sweet Pea Cakes, etc.

Contest will run til Sunday April 27th (giving it a bit longer since I was late) winner will be announced on Monday!

All you have to do to enter to win is:

leave a comment about what you would like to see more of on blogs you visit: contests, reviews, personal stories, etc. and what makes you want to go back to a blog. That's it!! ( I have to approve the comments so if you don't see it right away don't panic! I will get to it :) )

Then a name will be drawn randomly from and the winner will be notified by email. So make sure to leave a valid email address. Giveaway is for the U.S. only. I am paying the shipping so its all free to you!

I hope you check out my other contests going on right now as well!

*win a bracelet from MJennings Designs by clicking here!

*win a swaddler blanket for the award winning Stowers Swaddlers & Stationary by clicking here!

Thanks for stopping by! We are always holding giveaways and reviews! So stop back often!

P.S. Win an exta entry by posting one of our banners on your blog. You can find the codes on the bottom of our home page. Just email me at sweetpeacakesetc(at)yahoo(dot)com with the link where we can find it or better yet include it in your comment here. Just click the pink comments link below to enter!!


Winner of Noah's Ark Workshop

The winner of the Noah's Ark Workshop Contest is....

Comment #5!! Winner has 3 days to contact me for their prize!

Thank you to everyone who has been participating in our contests. Don't forget to visit Noah's Ark Workshop for other goodies and contests!

~Make a Purchase~ entered into drawing for a FREE Christmas Animal (*each order= 1 entry into drawing, no limit to # of times you can enter)
~Host a Workshop~ entered into drawing for $25 CASH (this includes birthday parties, daycares, girl scout troop, home party, and catalog party
~ No required amount of sales, host a party and you are entered. Host multiple workshops before deadline for multiple entries)
~Join my Team~ entered into drawing for $100 CASH (to be entered you must place $100 in sales before date of drawing)


Meet Stowers Swaddlers & Stationary

Today I am so excited to introduce you to a wonderful mother owned business. Not only are the products terrific but the family standing behind it are just as terrific! Phylana is the proud owner of Stowers Swaddlers & Stationary, which opened for business June 2004. At Stowers Swaddlers & Stationary you can find: The Stowers Swaddler, infant swaddling blanket in regular cotton and organic cotton, Baby Buddy Burp Cloths, hand decorated note cards, journals, and photo albums, we are now offering Leela Lou Designs organic baby one piece t shirts that are hand decorated. They can create gift baskets for those of you looking for a gift for someone or just want to try a little of everything for yourself.

So how did this nurse who is a mother of 5 come up with The Stowers Swaddlers?

"My sister had difficulty swaddling my nephew, so I told her I would create
a blanket that addressed all the issues I had addressed while teaching thousands
of caregivers how to swaddle while I was a labor and delivery nurse. My sister
used it and loved it and then we gave it as baby shower gifts and they wanted to
give to others. After that we entered The Stowers Swaddler into the Inpex
International Invention Convention and we won the gold medal and then I thought
we should give the gift of sleep to everyone who has a baby and has trouble
swaddling. Our business was born."
That's what makes the is boutique so unique from other stores. It is made to make swaddling easy to do and maintain from the perspective of a nurse and mother who has been there.

While you are over at Stowers Swaddlers & Stationary, make sure to check out the top 3 sellers:

Stowers Swaddler Pink, Blue and Froggy
Gift Baskets Ducky
Leela Lou Onesie - Wash your hands

I also loved the Cards for Kids that can be personalized with your child's name. My daughter is at that age where she can begin to write her own thank you cards, get well, just a little note to send to her grandparents and so forth. How sweet to have personalized cards that are just her own?? I also love the fact that the swaddlers are available in organic fabrics as well as the onesies. It's so nice that more and more companies are incorporating the "Go Green" option. I really love the Baby Girl Gift baskets too! (It's pictured below!)

Did I mention that shipping is only $3.50 on every order no matter what your total is??? How great is that! So head over and start shopping today! While you are over there though, there are a few things that I thought were really great about this terrific family that you must read! Check out their story with Oprah's Pay it Forward Challenge, and they have been on Dr. Phil, and The Big Idea.

Right now The Stowers Swaddlers & Stationary is giving away 2 swaddlers (pink, blue or yellow) for 2 of our readers! Also for the next week you can get 20% off all purchases when you put the code SweetPeaCakes in the coupon code box at checkout at

Here is how to enter:

1. Visit The Stowers Swaddlers & Stationary. Shop around and check out all their wonderful products!

2. Come back here, click the pink comments link and leave a comment about your favorite product! Also leave a valid email address!

3. Blog about this contest or tell friends to stop by and enter to win! Contest ends Friday May 2nd at midnight. Winner will be chosen by and posted here on Saturday. I will email the winner so make sure to add sweetpeacakesetc(at)yahoo(dot)com so that our email doesn't go to spam.

A bit more about the owner:

I have been married to a wonderful man I met in the 6th grade for 11 years and I have 5 children aged 11, 8, 7 and 4 year old twins.Well taking care of my family and running The Stowers Swaddler and Stationery take up most of my time but I also love to read and roller skate.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday- Spring Time

I am so ready for the wonderful warm weather and being outdoors. These pictures are of my mother's pond. What did you do for Earth Day? Is there anything you are waiting for? Leave a comment, take a look around, visit our contests. And then check out all the other wordless Wednesdays at 5 minutes for mom!
Make it Great!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday- Innerself

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This weeks Tackle Tuesday can not be captured through pictures. It can't be done by cleaning the house or reorganizing the closet. I know that the focus of Tackle it Tuesday on 5 minutes for mom is taking on those household projects and sharing the finished piece here. But this week my Tackle it Tuesday is personal. I am tackling me. I have decided that I have been running on empty for weeks: finishing order after order with my business, finalizing details with the Girls Night In and then hosting it, taking care of the girls, keeping up the house, spring cleaning, homework, and now designing new diaper cakes and towel cakes. (I am going to give you a sneak peek here of two new towel cakes before they even hit the website just to show that I have been tackling that to do) I need to take a time out each day for me. I need to regroup, to relax and to let go of the stress of the day, refuel and save some energy to tackle the next day. I owe that to Monkey, I owe that to Peanut, to my family, to my customers and gosh darn it to myself. So here is to renewing oneself. I think once I do that I can finally tackle my long to do list. Here's what is on that list: (pictures to come next week to get back into the real theme of Tackle it Tuesday)

finishing up the laundry
organizing the hall closet
going through the girls' winter clothes, pulling out the summer clothes
finishing the new diaper cakes and posting to site
mailing out wholesale information, booking appointments with local retailers
updating my blog
uploading all new towel cake line
mailing off cakes
finalizing location for charity silent auction this fall
following up with leads
setting up details for next Girls Night In
preparing house to be on the market
register for summer and fall classes
read a book ( I have a stack to the ceiling of fantastic books that I am just waiting for some time to curl up with and read!)
finding more sites to host product reviews
sell old car
book trip to Disneyland

Ok I won't keep going with my list, I think you get the idea. So what is it you are tackling? Whether it be personal, or cleaning or just a project you have wanted to finish for a long tme (scrapbooking, making holiday cards, etc) leave a comment and share it with me. I would love to hear about it. Then I can head over and visit your blog as well. And make sure to visit 5 minutes for mom for all the other great Tackle it Tuesday stories! Don't forget to check out our many contests going on right now and enter to win!

Have a wonderful week!


Monday, April 21, 2008

Check out MJennings Designs for your jewelry needs!


Every woman and little girl loves jewelry (or atleast I do!) For this Mother's Day dazzle yourself, mother, sister, mother in-law or any other mom you know with handmade jewelry from MJennings Designs. You will find a unique selection of sterling silver, 14K gold filled, swarovski crystal and semi-precious gemstone beaded jewelry all handmade by Melissa!

How did MJennings Designs come about? "I began beading as a hobby three and 1/2 year's ago when my son was born (as we waited for our adoption process to be completed) and turned my hobby into a business after he came home and I left my teaching career and that is how MJennings Designs, LLC was born!"

MJennings Designs offers Mother's Bracelets and Key Chains, Custom Design, Bridal Design, Repair and Restringing Services, beaded key chains, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, lanyards, rosaries, book marks, zipper pulls, children's name bracelets and beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings. My favorite is the Swarovski Crystal Name Bracelet. I would love to have one for myself, and one for each of my little girls. What a fun Mother's Day treat for all of us.

You will love all the custom designs as well. The sky is the limit for what can be done for you! If you are getting married, Mjennings can customize jewelry for your special day!

What makes this year old business so unique? "All of my work is custom designed and personalized for you! I have reasonable prices."

The top 3 sellers right now at MJennings Designs are: Personalized Name Bracelets and Key Chains, Beaded Watches, Gifts for Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion and Christenings.

Right now all Sweet Pea Readers can head over to MJennings Designs and start shopping with a 15% discount good til May 21st! So get those Mother's day gifts now! Just enter SPC15% at the checkout!

Now if you are ready to win a bracelet from MJennings here is all you have to do:

1.) Visit MJennings Designs and find your favorite piece of jewelry!

2.) Leave a comment here about your favorite along with a valid email address. If you are a blogger please link to this contest as well! And if not please tell a friend.

3.) Contest ends Tuesday April 29th and the winner will be announced on the 30th!

Here is a bit more about the owner:

I am married to my hubby Tim (of ten years in August) and I have a precious three year old son who was born in Guatemala. Favorite interests: shopping, traveling, cooking and spending time with my friends and family.

Watch for a contest around May 22nd in celebrate of Melissa's birthday! Don't forget to check out her blog as well: