Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you still trying to decide what to have your children be for Halloween that doesn't costume a fortune or is not to revealing for our 'tweens?? Here are a few ideas to make your own costumes this year. There is still plenty of time with Halloween about 10 days away:

We’re all feeling the squeeze from the economic downturn but that doesn’t have to mean cutting corners on family fun this Halloween. Craft magazine illustrates how to make fun and funky costumes for your kids with a visit to your recycling bin, sewing box or local craft store – much easier than standing in line at a crowded costume shop and a bit easier on the wallet, as well.

You can quickly and easily whip up these five amazing kiddy costumes using supplies you probably already have on hand, plus a bit of creativity. These custom-made outfits also have more staying power than most flimsy store-bought costumes, and you'll love how cheap and quick they are to make. Follow the links below for full instructions:


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Amy Benson
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