Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sensational Sunday

When things go wrong in life, or get hard or don't seem to be going "our" way, we begin to doubt, to over analyze, to second guess and to proceed with caution. Throwing caution to the wind, giving our faith and trust into God (insert whatever best suits you if God is not right for you) and walking forward in life with confidence and self assurance doesn't happen.

Have you ever noticed how children just love? Or how they just believe? They never withhold their love, or only give it to one person. They are always sharing it with whomever they come in contact with, as well as pets, and toys. Can you get your mind set back to a child's who is eagerly awaiting Santa Clause. There is no doubt in their minds that Santa will be there, the stockings will be filled and he will eat the cookies they worked so hard on baking. There is no doubt in their minds that the Tooth Fairy will come and take away their little tooth and leave behind money in their place. There is no doubt in their mind that God is in Heaven and that is where we will be one day.

I asked my daughter today during our little "Date", should we follow our hearts or our minds when we do things? And she of course replied, "with our hearts." So many times we listen to our logic, our thoughts to guide us through this life, instead of our feelings, our gut instincts, our signs from God. Often times, we get overworked, stressed out, and focus on what we have to do, what we should do, what we need to do. But often wind up hating the very thing we are doing. Wouldn't it be nice to be loving what we do, loving our work, loving our lives? If we all took a moment every day to pray and to seek the answer, and then when the answer is given to FOLLOW it, would we be living a different life?




kelsey said...

Wow that is just beautifully written and so perfect!

Mrs. Cupcake said...

Thank you for your post. For a second it felt like you were writing only to me. I'm having a bad day - my head is all muddled with negativity. This post has made me decide to pull it together. So I had better go and do something creative now!! Thank you.