Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lemonade, baseball and fun!

I haven't gotten to post much lately since the big day was finally here! Yes that's right Lemonade Days arrived! It was finally time for Monkey to set up her charity lemonade stand to raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation! There was a lot to do to prepare for it and the last finishing touches on the stand needed to be made. Friday morning we were running a bit behind trying to get balloons and ice and get set up that we missed FOX news! But that's ok our local paper came to take pictures and Saturday came to interview us. It was HOT on Friday and Monkey ended up a bit sunburned after being outside for 5 hours! But day 1 was busy and we had a decent turn out. On Saturday Channel 2 News came out and we ended up on the 9:00 news! Very exciting. We had a better turnout although we were hoping to have a flood of people. But there is always next year. We are still excepting donations online til early next year. Our plan is to set up the lemonade stand every year and help collect money to find a cure for childhood cancer! Maybe we will get others to hold one too. It was very enjoyable and I had a great time hanging with my daughter knowing she was doing something good for other children. It wasn't about her it was about what she can do to help others, since she is a smart and healthy girl! I hope that she feels inspired to do more as time goes on.

After we shut down the stand on Saturday, we ventured out to the Rockies game to try and get a Tulo bobblehead doll. They were OUT when we got there. Amazing. Luckily, Grandpa got their early and got us one! We enjoyed the game- just the two of us- while Peanut stayed home with Grandma. In the first inning the Rockies hit a Grand Slam followed by another home run ! It was very exciting. What a fun game to go to.

Today we enjoyed some good weather and sporting our new dresses for church. Then of course there was the cleaning to do, grocery shopping, diaper cake making and all of the "usual" duties! Now here is it late and I am trying to get all the blogging done, pictures loaded, get a couple of loads of laundry done and that's about it! Check back for Wordless Wednesday to see some more pictures.

Have a good one!