Friday, June 20, 2008

#99 and when we hit 100 It's party time!

This post right here is post number 99! I can not believe it. So I thought when I write post 100 it should have some kind of celebration... a party.... maybe a giveaway of sorts. So you will have to visit back this weekend and see what happens!! Up ahead I will have a product review for Parking Pal!! I just need to get some pictures of the kids and get that posted up. You will love this one!

This week I have been slacking a bit in the blogging department. I didn't get a Tackle it Tuesday post up, I got the Wordless Wednesday up DURING the day on Wednesday instead of Tuesday night, I didn't even make it to Works for Me Wednesday! It has been a bit crazy. I have been trying to come up with some new cake designs for the website. I have also been trying to "find" my website on Google. Just a few weeks ago I was bouncing between page 2 and page 3 for diaper cakes, THEN I DISAPPEARED. I have no idea what happened. I show up on page 2 for diaper cake centerpieces, I believe page 3 or 5 for diaper cupcakes, page 1 for wedding towel cakes and organic diaper cakes and so forth. So I have no idea what happened. I am trying not to lose sleep over it but I am. I am still working on getting my products into gift shops and they are now in a hospital gift shop in New Hampshire. :) I also have about 10 websites drop shipping the exclusive diaper cakes. I decided to design cakes that were only for whole sale and drop shipping and not available on my site to keep people buying from the other retailers and not traveling over to shop. So we will see how that goes.

Now onto the next thing: my part time job. I got tired of my child support coming in whenever it wanted and I was also nervous how my sales would be this summer since last summer was beyond SLOW. But of course the first weekend of June I had multiple orders every day and I actually got child support. And now I am stuck with a job. It's not too bad just a few hours a day in the afternoon while Peanut naps at Grandma's and Monkey plays with the neighbor kids. I make calls for an Insurance company and then go back home to work on Sweet Pea Cakes. I guess as a single mom you've got to do what you got to do right?

UGH then there is all the cleaning and laundry to do which is just not that fun during the summer months when you want to take the kids to the pool, park, zoo, museums and everything else OUTSIDE. How does one stay motivated?!?!? I have been enjoying penciling in some time for myself to read each night. I find it helps clear my head and relieve some stress. I am hoping to finish a book a week for the rest of the summer. **crossing fingers**

This weekend I am going to be setting up a booth at the local park for a summer event by my friends realty group. I am hoping it brings in some good exposure and that I don't get sun burned. I also am joining in with a great group of WAHM for a Summer Sample Sale at a local cupcake bakery in Denver. I am really excited about this. I think this will be a fun way to display some great local companies and enjoy some sweets too. We haven't done this before so it will be a great way to see what this brings for each company.

So how is your summer going? What are some unique ways you are having fun? What would you like to see at the 100th Post Party??

Hey can you believe all these floods and tornadoes? The economy stinks and now we have Mother Nature kicking us while we are down? What can we do to help???



Kelsey said...

WOW 100 posts thats awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I bet you can't wait to do that next post! I have devoted this week to setting up a calendar with my son; he gets to pick one fun thing a day to do ( because life goes on even in the summer...) and then 1 big place a week to go!
Have you seen this and these?

even though i wanna win all for my very own, I have a feeling you would like.
Happy trails!

mjenningsdesigns said...

Congrat's on 100 posts! That is great1 Will be on the lookout for it! :-)


Little Ladybug Designs said...

I tagged you! Visit my blog at

Congrats on 100 posts! That is great! :-)