Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday- UPDATE

Ok so Tackle it Tuesday was yesterday but I promised to post the AFTER pictures of the projects I started. So if you want to see the BEFORE click here. Otherwise see how everything turned out in my daughter's room:

Here is Monkey's closet. I forgot to get a before shot but this is much better. The clothes are hung up, I removed a ton of stuff from the top shelf, boxed up clothes that don't fit now, and took out two bags full of shoes that were too little. The kid grows like a weed. Now the toys are organized as well.
Here is the book shelf all organized. All the beanie babies and things were taken off and placed in the next picture on the new shelf we put up. This now allows more room for the chapter books and things in the months ahead. All the drawers in this room were organized too. All 9 of them!

Here is the new shelf and the neatly made bed! The girls are just hanging out!

Everything is organized and we put up the bulletin boards too. I now have to get new curtains for the window and take down the bed sheet. I had other blinds up but they were too dirty so I got rid of them.

All the clothes are boxed up and in the garage. I managed to pull out the wagon for Peanut to ride in and make trips to the garage. It's attached to the townhouse but to get to it you have to go outside and around. Totally pain. But we got everything to the dumpster and everything packed away. As well as a huge box of toys and books to donate and a box of papers to recycle.

Oh I also managed to finish the hall closet like I planned. Everything is placed differently, a lot of stuff was thrown out and the remainder placed in little boxes at the top. I am shocked at the size of the bag of trash that left this. Who would have thought? But everything is coming along nicely. I only have a few more areas in the house that really need to be organized and then it's all done.

So there you have it! There is the update! Hope you like the pictures. Come back next week for the next Tackle it Tuesday. oh and don't forget to visit 5 Minutes for Mom to visit all the other Tackle it Tuesday stuff.