Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day weekend!

The weekend has finally come where it is the weekend just to celebrate being a mom. Now for most moms your day will be filled with family, doing things with the kids, maybe going out for dinner or enjoying a home cooked meal. But maybe, just maybe, you are one of those moms that get to take the day off. You are off to the spa, after getting to sleep in, while your hubby is at home cleaning, cooking and taking care of the kids. You might possibly be curled up in a chair somewhere reading a book. I know for me I am working from home so I can be with my kids every day. I spend time with the them each day, reading every night, finding family activities to do on the weekend, enjoying church together and just being a family. So really for me, Mother's Day is not different from any other day. But it is a day for me to remind my mother how much I appreciate her and everything she has done for me. It is also a day for me to reflect on the kind of mother I have been, the kind of mother I want to be and what I can do to show my own children that I truly appreciate them. For me, it's a day to slow down and truly enjoy what motherhood is all about.

So to kick of Mother's Day weekend, Monkey and I read Why a Daughter needs a Mother. We read half of it last night and the rest tonight. It was very nice to go over the lessons mothers should teach their daughters, remind your daughter why you love her, and just spend quality time together. This morning we then got up to participate in the Run, Walk and Waddle, that raises money for postpartum depression. I packed Peanut in the stroller, and Monkey walked with me. It was windy beyond words. Which also brought up a strange bitter cold! Had I know I would have packed the girls in their snow suits! It was a pretty cold walk. We finished the 3K walk in an hour and I ended up carrying Peanut wrapped in a blanket for the last mile. Talk about a work out!! But it was really great to get the fresh air and exercise, as well as help with a great cause. As mother's we have so many highs and lows, and for some its harder than we know. So anything that can help out someone else, should be done. If you want to see more info on the walk click right here.

The day continued at home with lunch and nap time. I got some cleaning done (not as much as I had hoped) and quite a bit of work done. Now as the kids sleep I am trying up some loose ends on the computer, then I plan on sewing and ironing a bit before reading and going to bed. Tomorrow will be church, lunch with my mom, and taking the girls out to the park or zoo. Tomorrow night I think we will venture out for dinner, just the girls and I, before heading home to tackle some laundry and bedtime. Monkey already gave me one of her gifts she made. How sweet it is when they are so young and excited. These gifts truly are the best since it takes their time and dedication to make these gifts filled with so much love. One day it will be so nice to look back through all these gifts to see how they change over the years.

What are you doing this Mother's Day? Do you have a special day planned? Are you doing the usual or do you do something new each year?

Whatever it is you do tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Mother's Day to you and your own mother. May you have a great day as well as a great rest of the year!