Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ultimate Blog AFTERPARTY

The Ultimate Blog party has been slowing down and I am not going to lie... I am exhausted. And I think I might have gained 5 lbs. from all the yummy food and drinks. Wow I met so many great people and saw a lot of fantastic blogs. Sadly enough I did not get through all of them as planned. Originally I thought I could do a 100 a day and get through atleast half of them and then during the afterparty go to the other half. No.... I didn't even come close!! I would get onto a blog start reading the party post, then click on something else, then leave a message and before you know it 20 minutes have gone by and I had only been at 1!! I was told there was a swim party and other great things going on and I didn't make there. But I still plan on checking more out and adding to my growing list of favories. (oh did you want to see my first party? here it is!)

Thanks to everyone who hosted a party. It was so wonderful to party surf and enjoy making new friends. I am still going through my comments and trying to go to anyones page I haven't already been to. Bare with me it will happen... in between the house cleaning, putting away the party stuff, selling cakes, taking care of the kids, homework and sleep!

Alright so let's get a little after party going here.... I can clean tomorrow! St. Patricks day is right around the corner... then my daughter's 7th birthday on the 21st.... and then its Easter on the 23rd. So let's get hopping! Here's some music of la la de da la... oh you don't like my singing? alright well, I would offer more cake- but its gone. So grab some water, throw your dancing shoes on and let us know your favorite part of the party. Did you find some favorite blogs to add? Win some cool prizes? We will be annoucing our winner tomorrow for the manicure or pedicure travel set.

Come back and visit this week with two reviews and contests being posted, a few new posts that you should enjoy and other surprises.

Alright before I go let me introduce you to some new friends of mine...

First there is Stephanie with Adventures in Babywearing. I really enjoyed her site since I like to wear my baby- now she wants to get down and get in to trouble! I am all about being close to your baby- wearing, nursing, co sleeping. I think its more I have a fear they won't know I am their mother unless they are attached to me 24/7 like they were in my belly. I know I know its my issue not the baby's issue. But I read up on Stephanie's page about baby wearing and you got to take a look at this especially if you are expecting. So nice to meet someone who likes to do the things you do. ;)

Second up is Karla's Blog: Looking towards Heaven. I loved her sense of style and party theme. Look at how it starts out...."Not much has changed since my last party: Once again, I'm not properly dressed or decorated up for this shin-dig... but we'll make do. (thankfully, I'm not still pregnant with #4... otherwise that would mean I was something like 17 months pregnant. Even though it felt like that at times, I think if that were the case, I'd have bigger concerns than the decor at my party...)" I mean how can you not love that??!?! Made me laugh. She also has a 100 things about me page (gosh I need to get one done on myself..I am not sure I can think of a 100 things though or atleast not 100 interesting things) Here is item #32 -I gave away 2nd row Dave Matthews tickets to go skiing. Anyone willing to do that is crazy and is going to have interesting blogs to read. Go visit!

And third is Coulda' been worse! First off who doesn't want to go to a blog party where there is a huge bonfire going on?? I mean it, pack up your marshmellows and head over. Dee Dee was funny and I enjoy laughing when I am out at parties. I am amazed at all the homeschool moms. I am not sure I could have patience to be home with the kids, and teach them and work and clean and still be home- all day. So I applaud all of you who are able to do that! While I was there I had to head over to Eating bon bons and watching tv... again some laughter escaped me. Go see what you think and let her know Dawn sent you over to party!

I am working on a list of favorites and some ones I have comments on. So look for that post coming soon! In the mean time, surf around mine for awhile, visit others, hang out, whatever it is you want to do. I think I might go pop some food in the oven anyway... are you hungry? I am!

P.S. Please leave a comment if you are stopping by so I know to go visit you too!


Storm said...

Glad to see I am not the only one who did an after party post.

Still hopping from blog to blog... my goal is to post at each blog at least once. Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!