Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

So today I decided to tackle my craft room and the dining room which has turned into the sewing room. The past two weeks I have gotten slammed with orders, and had to prepare for a baby fair too. The rooms show the tornado that came through them. So here is the before:

Now who can work under these conditions?? Not me. I finally decided two weeks of running around crazy was enough. It was time to get back to being organized and make the room functional so I can complete the orders for this week. So after hours and I mean hours of sorting ribbon, paper, accessories, fabric, cakes, toppings, and everything else, the room finally came together. I am not fully done with the dining room since I have more cakes to put together and sewing together. But I have to say it is much better than it was. And the craft room looks gooooodddd! What do you think???


Jess said...

Holy moly Dawn! Lookin' good now though! :) Where did you find that ribbon holder?

Karen said...

Wow, You worked hard today and it looks great.