Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mommy's choice stories

Here are our mommy stories of the week:

Hi, I'm Julinda Stout and this is my journey for a second child. It was the hardest time in my life. My first child came unexpected and we did everything we could to not have number two. I wanted my children spaced at two years apart. When my son was 16 months old we decided to go for it. I went off of the patch only to not concieve. I went to the doctor and asked many questions. I was told not to worry because I am young and had had a successful pregnancy. After two years I demanded to find ou twhat was going on just to be brushed off. I changed doctors and was really pushy to find out why. She suspected PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian syndrome. I was devasted. My husband and I decided that our onlyoption would be to adopt. We tried saving but life happens. My husband broke his ankle and my son was hit by the lawn mower(he is fine, just two scars, but it cost me $12,000). We made a realistic goal of one year. I had just started a wonderful job and wanted to get it under control. I told my husband to toss everything out for a baby. Believe me I never expected to find out that I was pregnant ONE week later. I had been trying for nearly five years. I had a beautiful baby girl only 3 months ago. I know that the worst thing to hear during all of this was It will happen when it is supposed to. I still hate hearing it as we look to having #3. I don't want another 5 year wait. The doctor said that it is possible to have to wait that long again. If you are going through this, know that I do understand and feel for you. It was the worst feeling in the world to know that all I wanted was a baby and somewhere in the world was one being put in a garbage can because the mother didn't want it. Good luck in your journey.

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When my kids were younger, my son had a pot bellied pig for a pet.
Not surprisingly, my kids named him Wilbur. Wilbur was a great pet. The
best you could ask for. He followed them around the yard, he was with
them where ever they went, he even played a game with them. They hid
under our plastic kiddy pool and he found them by flipping over the pool.
One afternoon, I am in the back yard hanging laundry. Not a big feat
or anything unusual. I saw the pig rolling his "pig carrier" around the yard.
My 3 year old daughter was laughing her head off. It was a cute picture.
It was one of the "aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww......." moments. Until I
noticed my son was not with her. I ran in the house to see if he went
inside.I thought this was unlikely because he didn't leave his sister alone.
I was almost frantic by the time I went back outside. I asked my daughter,
"Where is your brother?" All I got was the famous, I don't know.I called for
him and I heard him but he sounded so far away. I called for him again but
I could not figure out where his voice was coming from. I finally figured out it
was the "pig carrier" yelling to me. I ran over and opened the door, which
somehow had gotten latched. I was laughing so hard. Wilbur was playing
"the pool game". No harm done, no one was hurt, except for my stomach
from laughing so hard.

Lori Paup

Showing Off Is not Always Bad

My brother once told me that we could find out the truth not only from the bible but also from our environment, the people, the nature around us. I think it's true.This morning, I got a chance to meet an old friend at the park. While we were sitting on a bench, watching our kids playing the sand, she started to tell me to look at her 2-year-old daughter and talked about how wonderful she was, how active she was, how cute was her look, how funny she was, having her bag pack around pretending like going to school, how this and that. And then she showed off her video camera,the latest release from a famous brand and told me how expensive it was and it was the same with her camera digital. Having myself accustomed to not bragging about whatever I have, at first I thought she was pretty boastful because I wouldn't dare to do the same no matter how shiny my belonging is. But I was also intrigued by that and I was wondering how could she was so proud about her daughter that I could see the confidence in my friend's eye. How could she had such a positive view on her while thru my eyes what I usually saw was how timid my son was, his bothering whining, his picky-eatinghabit, and a myriad of other negatives. And I can feel it, when somebody compliment on my son, I always reply yes..., but he's...this negative, not always this positive..and on and on.Well, like I said in the title, showing off is not always bad. Atleast not in this case. I was quite distracted by this thought and would like to give a try to change my view of my family. I'd like to see differently with positive eyeglasses for the things close by,above all is my family.
Thresa Sulistio