Monday, July 28, 2008

Winners from the 100th Post Contest!

I am back in town and finally got all caught up in my work, orders, house cleaning, and summer fun with the kids that I can now post the winners to the contest that are way over due! I apologize to everyone who has been waiting. Now you had to answer all the questions correctly to then be entered into the drawing to win! Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and to email me the results!!

Here are the answers and here are the winners:

1. Visit Monkey-Toes and look around. How many different pairs of shoes do they offer?
There are 11 pairs of shoes! (two different types of shoes but 11 designs)

2. Visit Baby Candy and check out the organic onesies. Finish this saying "Sugar in ......."
in the raw!

3. Hop over to A Frog in my Soup. How many little "frogs" are there and are they boys or girls?
There are 6 little boy frogs!

4. Munchie Mallow offers adorable accessories for your little girls. Name 3 things from her site.
She offers hair accessories, heart necklaces, tutus, flower hats, flower headbands, clippies.

5. When you can't have edible cake, you can have non-edible at Sweet Pea Cakes, etc. How many items come hidden in the cake? Name one.
15 items
1 handmade swaddle blanket, 2 handmade reversible bibs, Johnson & Johnson body wash, lotion, shampoo, and powder, soothing lotion, desitin, 2 binkie clips, 2 binkies, 2 baby items.

The winner of the $15 gift certificate is: Cindi Hoppes
The winner of the $5 Starbucks gift certificate is: Melissa Jennings
The winner of the onesie size 0-3 months is: (please let me know for boy or for girl): Michelle Rosborough
The winner of The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide is: Greta

All winners have been emailed and have 3 days to send me their address. If I don't hear from them I will draw new names! Thank you again for enterig! Check out my giveaways for the Bloggy Carnival this week!

Have a great week!


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