Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Great Contest for Little Readers!

So I hopped on over for my daily reading on A Frog in My Soup and sure enough Shera has another great contest going on over there! I know many of us have little ones that love to read and that we love to read to. Well right now you can win a Peter Rabbit Felt Story from A Time to Felt. What an adorable site. After reading the review, I had to sign up. All you have to do is read the review, head over to A Time to Felt, then back to a A Frog in My Soup to leave a comment about your favorite product. Then you are entered to win.

My favorite item was the Down on the Farm Quiet Book. My little one year old daughter loves animals and making the animal sounds. So why not have an interactive book for her to learn more, not be able to destroy and have another way for us to bond together? I can think of nothing better. The Peter Rabbit book is darling too and a total classic. So I would love to win that one. So head on over and get entered!