Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Press Release: Virtual Valentine's Day Party

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Virtual Valentine’s Party Takes the Holiday to a New Digital Level

LITTLETON, Colorado. (1/22/08)— February the 14th bodes a busy day of love and gift-giving for most couples. Yet despite Valentine’s Day’s good intentions, many lovers often find themselves overwhelmed with concern about finding the perfect present or reservations in time, while others fret over the monetary costs expected to be spent on such a day.

In announcing its Virtual Valentine’s Day Party, Sweet Pea Cakes Etc.--a company specializing in baby-related gifts, clothing, and accessories—has perhaps found a point of common interest for anyone to enjoy the holiday. Taking Valentine’s Day to a new realm of possibilities over the Internet, the event offers a combination of entertainment, music, and giveaways to all that attend. Coming to the party is as simple as visiting the website at any time from February 13th-14th at

For those looking to save money, the digital party hosts an array of free activities. A magic eight-ball will answer confusing love questions and Valentine’s Day recipes will be shared for romantic nights-in or festive desserts. Attendees can send virtual valentines to friends and loved ones, adding their own personalized touches.

Partygoers that sign the website’s guestbook along with their favorite item from any sponsor, with potential winnings viewable at the website on the party’s date, will qualify to win that product in random drawings. Prizes are as diverse as men and women’s cologne, Sweet Pea baby food gift sets, $25 gift certificates, or animal clocks.

“Valentine’s Day is already stressful,” said Dawn Weigum, founder of Sweet Pea Cakes Etc. “I want to alleviate some of that stress and keep that date on the calendar fun—the way it should be.”

A group of mother-run businesses sponsor the party. The event is not limited to couples, with all that are interested invited to take advantage of the party’s free gifts and innovative way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Sponsors for the event include the following:
Mary Ann with Sweet Treats, Christy and Stephanie with BowDazzle, Lesley with Department 24, Lisa with Dragonfly Designs, Liz with Mary Kay, Shunatta with Mineral Girlz, Jessica with Munchie Mallow, Jarmelia with MB Gourmet Candles, Olivia with Baby Candy, Holly with At Home America, Trishia with Passion Parties, Tiffani with Bitsy Bows and Tinsy Ties, Beth with Lastasia Jewelry, Debbie with Designer Keepsakes, Angie with Saving Times, Maren with Just Bee Kidzz, and Kyna with gift baskets.

About Sweet Pea Cakes Etc.:
Sweet Pea Cakes Etc. is a mom-owned business that commemorates newborn babies with individually handcrafted diaper cakes. With customers located from coast to coast across the United States, the company also specializes in products for other celebratory events such as graduations and weddings. Specialty items range from pajamas to towel cakes. For more product and company information, visit

Press Contact:
Michael A. Ruby


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